Sunday, July 1, 2007

We're in Business!

Colleen's Home Infant Care

Safe, Warm, Nurturing Care for your Baby

Facility: State Licensed Home Daycare

Location: Olathe, Kansas

Hours: 7:30a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Owner: Colleen C. Drake

License Number: 0061633-001

I currently have no openings. Feel free to contact me if you would like to be placed on the waiting list.


My style of care is very personal; for this reason, I choose to tend only two to three children at a time. I specialize in infant care (birth to 18 months). All babies are attended to and loved as if they were my own children. Colleen’s Home Infant Care is a state licensed home and a part of the state’s CACFP (Child and Adult care Food Program).


I know that your baby’s first years are an important time of learning and growth. Babies learn best from familiar routines and secure surroundings. I believe infants who are unable to be with parents and family during the day need an abundance of tender loving care in a safe and nurturing environment. Your baby will benefit from a large, well-equipped nursery with soothing, soft colors and a warm nurturing caregiver. Other inviting spaces throughout the home provide a variety of surroundings for play, relaxation, and interaction. My home is pet free, smoke free, and alcohol free.


Parents whose work schedules are demanding need to know that they can entrust their baby to a caregiver who is sincere and who communicates regularly. On a daily basis, you will receive a detailed report. This sheet contains comments on your baby’s activities, feeding and diapering schedule, physical milestones, and every so often it will include photographs (usually weekly). Building strong communication is very important. I value my relationship with parents and plan for strong, open lines of communication.


My nursery is painted in a soft sky color to encourage a relaxed atmostphere. There are several large carpeted areas for tummy time and play with a variety of safe, developmentally appropriate toys. I daily play a variety of music -- not just nursery rhymes and jingles. Babies need diverse forms of stimulation, so they will hear classical and popular sounds as well to help develop well-rounded, intelligent children.

A cozy rocking chair is provided for feeding and cuddling. My home also has a well-stocked diapering station. Your child is provided with her own full-sized crib and dresser space. Please feel free to keep extra clothing at my home so that you don't have to bring new supplies every day.


Babies need toys that encourage creativity while developing both fine and gross motor coordination and sensory awareness. It is my goal to help your child play, laugh, and grow with an emphasis on both joy and learning. I provide toys that are squeezable, shakable, poundable, and chewable. My toys have a variety of textures and colors to help your child discover, develop, and delight in playtime at every stage of her development and growth. All infant toys are cleaned and disinfected regularly.


Every day your baby and I enjoy individual time together. I hold your baby and rock her during bottle feedings. I sing her lullabies and read her books as she develops her mind and expands her vocabulary. We take a daily walk together (weather permitting) to breathe the fresh air and explore the sights and sounds of nature. As you know, babies need all five senses stimulated for their bodies and brains to develop properly. I accomplish this in a variety of ways enhancing your child’s emotional, physical, and intellectual wellbeing.

I believe that early experiences in development have a lasting impact; for this reason, I provide stimulating activities for the very youngest of newborns through conversation, toys, music, interaction, snuggling, feeding, reading, bouncing, cuddling, playing, and more. I believe these are the everyday activities that you good parents engage in with baby at home; when you entrust your child to me, I want you to know that your baby is getting exactly that kind of TLC.

As your baby matures, I may ask your permission to take her on an outing or fieldtrip. Some places we have visited in the past are Indian Creek Park, the Kansas City Zoo, the Deanna Rose Animal Farm, Wonderscope Children’s Museum, Kidscape Exhibit (at Johnson County Museum), Toys R Us, and the Pumpkin Hallow. During any outings, your infant is properly secured in a clean, regulation infant car seat and transported in my pet-free, smoke-free suburban. I always receive written consent from parents prior to any excursion.


Babies generally eat every two to three hours so your child will be fed about four times each day in my care (breakfast, lunch, and two snacks).

I feed newborn infants iron-fortified formula or breast milk, depending on parent’s preference. Breast milk usually comes to my home frozen and is stored for a limited amount of time until used. Formula is prepared fresh each day. I enjoy holding your baby while she nurses --feeding is a special time when your baby is nurtured, cuddled, and loved.

Once parents and pediatrician give approval, I will introduce starter foods one at a time (bananas, pears, rice cereal, and applesauce), which are strained or pureed. As your baby progresses, (around 7-9 months) she will be introduced to finger foods, and mashed foods. By about 18 months, you will witness another miracle milestone as she begins to feed herself with utensils. Your baby is provided with her own personal high chair which is cleaned and disinfected after each use.


Pacifiers are welcome. Babies need to suck; it builds strong jaws and helps develop mouth coordination for eating and speaking. Some babies need to suck much more than can be provided by feeding times. Parents, of course, let me know if their baby needs a pacifier, and I only use pacifiers provided by parents.


The best way for babies to learn and engage in language is to hear lots of it. I talk, talk, and talk to your infant as we go through the day’s activities. I read aloud and discuss with your child what we see and hear in the books we read. I also sing, clap, and make rhythmic sounds. And then, because I just can’t help myself, I look right into your baby’s bright, shinning eyes and talk very slowly so that she sees the shape of my mouth when I speak! I love watching your child grow and progress as she thinks, learns, and develops.


My home is a professional, state licensed facility, with safety policies and regular safety drills. I am trained in both infant CPR and first aid. I am very proud of my standard of service. If you deal with separation anxiety and guilt, those are real feelings that demonstrate what a loving parent you are. Be understanding of yourself, but know also that your baby is safe. I am thankful and proud to take care of your baby, and you can rest assured that you have placed her in a safe, warm, nurturing environment.


I generally charge a weekly fee of $250 per infant. This covers care for the ten-hours from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. including all diapers, wipes and food. Overnight services can be arranged on a case-by-case basis for $70/night. A non-refundable one-time enrollment fee of $100 is due at the time my services are contracted. Sorry, no part-time care available.


I have always loved infants, toddlers, and small children. I started infant care as an 11-year old when I began volunteering at my church’s nursery after school. As a teen, I preferred “babysitting” to going out on the weekends and had to turn down several jobs each week. The summer after my senior year, I was in heaven when asked to nanny for an adorable one-year-old boy. The following fall, I began college where I took several university courses in early childhood development and elementary education.

After graduation, I married and started having children of my own. I have successfully raised four happy, healthy, confident kids--two girls and two boys—all born within four years and one month. I believe that successes, socially, physically, academically, and emotionally, are linked to good beginnings in a healthy home environment. The impact lasts a lifetime.

I have many years of experience with and a passion for babies. I know that the early years of development are crucial and I am dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our little ones. I also have the wisdom that comes with maturity. (Okay, I’m old!) I continue my training on an on-going basis and would be thrilled to partner with you in caring for your child.

Good beginnings last a lifetime