Saturday, March 28, 2009

He's not a "GREENIE" anymore!

David entered the Mission Training Center seven months ago yesterday. Upon arriving in Japan, he was assigned to serve with his trainer, Elder Christensen, who was transferred last week. These photos highlight a few of the moments they shared during their five months together in Tanabe.

Still hitting the books...some things never change.

Enjoying the beach with some fellow missionaries on Preparation Day

Celebration of David's first Asian Christmas

Teaching some non-Christians the true Christmas story. No fair! David got to be Mary!

Missionaries get pretty excited about things like cookies, candy, and care packages.

They don't last long.
View of Tanabe sunset from their apartment balcony
(they're on the 7th floor, about 1/4 mile from the beach)

David and Christensen taught English class every week...
"Just Chillin' with my peeps, homies, boys"?
I'm guessing it means something better in Japanese than in English.

I speak very Engrish: "Having oneself. I am not kept in the circumference. I want to grow with you Because you and oneself whom there is love it" Nice!

First convert baptism (Mai) - March 17, 2009. Best day of his mission!

This place has GREAT Mexican food...

...even if they can't spell "Jalapeno"... or "Mexican".

Just some sweet beach pics

Name that physique

Drake and Christensen


Would you like those in color...or Brack and white?

The gospel is for everyone.


  1. Darn cute Colleen! And I love the background. Way cuter than my boring blog. I love the pics of David- especially the nativity scene. All of your family nativity plays really paid off- he had good practice for this one!

  2. Amazing! David is living it up. I love these photos!!

  3. Those are such cute pictures.

  4. So fun to see how missionary work is going on the other side of the world! Sharing "first convert baptism" joys with these young missionaries is the ultimate -- especially when I got to teach with them! He looks like he is working hard, as he has been prepared well -- way to go mom and dad!

  5. Cute blog Colleen! David looks like he's thriving and working hard.

  6. I love the blog!!! It was so fun to see the pictures of David! He looks like he is having a great mission.

  7. Those pictures are awesome, I miss David!!!!!!!

    p.s. awesome captions Colleen!

  8. Was his comp australian? It looks like they were doing the Tim Tam Slam with the chocolate cookies and hot chocolate...or was it Milo?

  9. I don't know what Tim Tam Slam is but it sounds fun! His comp was from Utah. :)