Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheney Family Cruise - Alaska 2009

Not only have I plastered photos of our recent Alaskan cruise all over facebook, I look at them at least twelve times a day. It was a great little escape for Dana and I and I don't regret AT ALL leaving the kids home.

A few months ago, when my four brothers planned this trip (in place of our 2009 Cheney Family Reunion), we Drakes decided we weren't going to make it. It just happened to fall the same week as Jessie's River Trip and Daniel's High Adventure; Jennie would be working hard to earn college tuition and couldn't really take time off; I wasn't thrilled about going somewhere "FREEZING COLD" and it simply wasn't part of our financial plans this year to fly the family to Anchorage. About three weeks before the cruise, we (I) decided that we (I) couldn't stand to miss out. A light bulb went on and a completely novel idea emerged..."LET'S GO WITHOUT THE KIDS!" Thankfully there was still room on the ship. I reserved a cabin, booked our flights, and started packing...oh, and I told Dana our plans.

One of my favorite things was walking up to my sister-in-law, Lisa, on the ship and saying "Excuse me, is this seat taken?" We had a blast watching facial expressions as we surprised each of them one by one. They were totally blown away.

Entering beautiful Glacier Bay National Park.

Formal Dining

Our ship at port in Juneau.

Ideal jacket necessary!

Juneau--Alaska's capital city.

Shopping in Skagway.

Another night at dinner.

Our brochure photo. (Ha!)


  1. That looks AWESOME! What a treat for you and Dana. Way to take matters into your own hands, Colleen!

  2. Oh yeah, and you look super pretty too (way too stylish to be the mom of 4!)

  3. Colleen, you are just as beautiful as you were 20+ years ago when you babysat my family while our parents were on vacation... and flew over the median so as not to miss our offramp!! ha ha. Looks like you guys had a blast, we loved our Alaskan cruise, it was amazing! So fun! Love, Julie Seamons Sivley
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