Sunday, September 6, 2009

Proud to be a COUGAR!

So, I'm not a huge sports fan; but the excitement in the basement last night was way too much to resist. I found myself in front of the big screen in lively anticipation with the rest of the masses. BYU played the previously ranked #3 team, the Oklahoma Sooners. It was a nail biter up to the last few seconds. In the words of my sports fanatic son, "THEY DID IT! BYU FREAKIN' DID IT! B! Y! U! COUGARS!!!!!" Yeah, I'm proud to be a Cougar.


  1. It was amazing. And Provo was CRAZY last night.

  2. I am a HUGE BYU fan too............ I live in southern Utah. Go BYU!!

  3. Hey Colleen! Of course I remember you! Loved looking through your blog--fun stuff! How's your money-saving plan going? Good for you! Thanks for visiting my blog--I'm new to this & it's pretty fun, isn't it? Thanks--take care of Becky for me!