Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Colleen's Home Infant Care

So, I've always had this special passion for babies and small children. To say that I love infants is almost an understatement. I'm drawn to their sweet innocence and their open-eyed wonder about this new place called earth. Their precious spirits, fresh from heaven, bring a powerful feeling of love and warmth. Their perfect little bodies smell sweet and new, and they have the most kissable cheeks! Yes, I love babies; and interestingly enough, they love me. It's my god-given gift. I was endowed with an extra dose of compassion for little ones. I'm all about babies!

When my youngest child reached school age, it was quite an adjustment for me. No more small children at home? What will I do all day? Who will I play with? I needed someone to teach, train, and be an example to; I needed someone to nurture and love. It's what I was created to do! I got through it...FOUND PLENTY TO DO...but I always missed that early stage of child development--so full of discovery--and so full of CUTENESS!

Everything a baby does is new and exciting. Everything about babies is adorable in my eyes. They receive with eagerness and delight all the love you can possibly give and they freely and willingly love you matter what. It doesn't get any better than snuggling an infant in your arms or rocking them to sleep. Reading books to little ones is WAY more fun than reading to yourself. And as far as I'm concerned, nothing is more enjoyable than a baby just learning to throw a ball, to play peek-a-boo, or to wobble on those growing legs.

After a while, I realized I kept borrowing other people's babies just to get my fix. When my oldest left for college, I knew it was time.

I converted one of our large extra bedrooms into a nursery. With the walls newly painted a soft baby blue, I filled the room with darling cribs, colorful toys, and soft snuggly blankets. In no time at all, Colleen's Home Infant Care was born--a warm, safe, nurturing place for babies to grow and learn. My target market? Affluent parents who want THE VERY BEST for their child (and who are willing to pay $250/week). It's been almost two years now, and I still don't feel like I'm working. I can't believe people actually PAY me to do something I enjoy so much. These are the little ones currently being loved in our home:

"Brookie Baby"



We are expecting another precious girl in the fall. She doesn't have a nickname yet, but I'm sure once she spends a few days with us, my kids will come up with the perfect moniker.


  1. Every single one of those babies is SOOOO lucky to have you taking care of them :)

  2. Those kids are so lucky to have you!!

  3. I feel so lucky to have THEM! They are as sweet in everyday life as they look in these photos.

  4. What a great idea! The way you describe how you feel about these babies is the way I remember your mother describing you! Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh!

  5. We still feel lucky to have found you at the perfect time for Macie. And to think she got you all to herself for a whole month! You certainly have a gift, and those babies you have now are WAY precious!

  6. That is the greatest thing ever!

  7. I love how you describe your love for these little ones. That is exactly how I feel! Why is it so hard for some people to understand wanting more time with these sweet, sweet spirits? Thanks for inspiring me :)