Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jennie's Home!

Can I just tell you how WONDERFUL it is to have an adult daughter! Jennie is mature, helpful, and a complete joy to have around. It's amazing the growth that comes with that first year away at college. The other day she asked me for advice explaining that I was "older and wiser" (something I never would have heard when she was fifteen or sixteen...'cause I was the world's biggest idiot).

She is home for the next four months and we are all so thrilled to have her back! Things just aren't the same when Jennie is gone. She brings a certain energy and light into our hearts and home. She is smart, spunky, sweet, and so stinkin' on the ball. She knows who she is and what she wants.

These are some of the things I love about Jennie:

  • I love that she sits down at the piano and brings her beautiful musical talent into our home.

  • I love that she has style and is just plain classy.

  • I love how she volunteers to help in the kitchen and to taxi Jessie around.

  • I love that she is such a fabulous friend to her siblings.

  • I love how she keeps her room organized and clean and it looks like a designer showcase.

  • I love watching her enjoy my daycare babies.

  • I love that she helps me take care of them.

  • I love her laughter.

  • I love her quick wit and clever sense of humor.

  • I love her beautiful face.

  • I love her sweetness and how she is able to get along with everyone.

  • I love that she is frugal and financially wise.

  • I love how she is comfortable hanging out with her mom and dad.

  • I love her positive energy and how she generates enthusiasm.

  • I love that she is not afraid to disagree with me, but does so respectfully.

  • I love how she is a natural leader but never bossy.

  • I love how she inspires me to be better.

  • I love her child-like humility and her fascination with learning new things.

  • I love that she is such an individual.

  • I love that she is beautiful inside and out!

  • I love having Jennie HOME!


  1. Jenny's a babe! I can't wait to go home either!!

  2. Aw. That's a sweet post. Jennie is so cute!