Friday, March 19, 2010

And a Happy St. Patty's Day to ya, Lassie!

I had so much fun on St. Patrick's Day.
The morning started off with a green breakfast.
Here's Maddie sipping her green apple juice.
The green scrambled eggs kind of grossed me out,
but the girls loved them and even asked for more.
We ate green pancakes too!
I hope this photo doesn't make you want to barf.
I found they were actually quite tasty if I closed my eyes.
Everybody wore green.
And I put shamrock stickers on their cute little hands.
And on their cheeks.
Even baby Olivia joined in the fun.
Brookie is looking so grown up.
I've had her in my home since she was just a few weeks old.
Best friends!
Who you callin' a leprechaun?
After the little girls left,
I prepared for a traditional Irish dinner.
With a table dressed in green and gold.
A touch of clover adds to the spirit of the day.
Corn beef and cabbage is our annual St. Patrick's Day meal.
Shamrock-sprinkled cookies top it off.
Thanks, Mama Drake!
Three hungry missionaries joined us for dinner.
Good food makes for a happy husband!
(Sorry 'bout the blur.)


  1. LOVE all these pictures! Your table turned out beautiful. Now I'm hungry. : )

  2. Colleen, I love that you went all out for St.
    Patricks Day! I've never done that. I always think it wouldn't be appreciated by all these boys, but maybe I'm wrong! It looks beautiful!
    Thanks for keeping in touch. Janeen

  3. I'm not going to lie, those eggs look a little nasty, BUT, I would eat anything from your kitchen! And WOW, look at those babies!! No doubt they just adore you!
    And what a great looking dinner feast you prepared for your family. Just PERFECT (Martha!)