Sunday, April 3, 2011

What the HAIL?!!!!

It was up to 90 degrees today, but Olathe got the "hail" pelted out of it tonight. This chunk melted a little before I could gather the camera and ruler. As you can see it's AT LEAST one-inch in diameter and there's plenty more where it came from. I'm also posting photos my friends and neighbors took. Enjoy!
Lovgrens' "lumpa" hail

Etchells' "goofball" hail

Petersons' "pretty big" hail

Watts' "cotton ball" hail

Blacks' "believe-it-or-not" hail

Burtons' "big ole" hail

Andersons' "all alike" hail
Hansens' "whole-inch" hail

Per's "probably radioactive" hail



  1. Jade, tell Andrew thanks for the great material! :)

  2. Colleen, Thank you for the sweet comments you have shared on my posts! Like you, my family and the gospel are "my everything". I cannot wait for you to experience grandkiddos and we will be having our 7th in October. My sweet daughter Mackenzie put on her new shirt after her Triathlon on Saturday at the finish line and it said "Babys 1st Triathlon....Wow..we love the way they announce!

  3. HOOOOLY HAIL! That's enormous! I wouldn't want to be on a run when that started up! Sounds like a concussion in the making!