Monday, March 21, 2011

33 Sweet Pieces of Advice for Finals Week

For finals, I wanted to make giant "candy bar letters" for Daniel and Jessie (our two college freshmen). But after thinking about it, I knew Jessie wouldn't want two huge poster boards as carry-on when she flies back to Salt Lake this afternoon. Talk about AWKWARD! Plus, I could just imagine the candy falling off and her leaving a trail everywhere she goes. So, I decided to individually wrap each candy:

...using scraps of wrapping paper from birthdays past.

I tightly packed them into a gift box.
Turned out, it took two boxes; so I tied them together.

I typed the letter on a standard 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and taped it to BYU blue cardstock. They have to put the right candy in each blank to make sense.

Here's the letter with the missing answers included:

Finals week is fast approaching. Just be(TWIX) you and us, it's (CRUNCH) time! Be sure to do (MOUNDS) of studying for your Religion (WHATCHAMACALLIT), your math (THINGAMAJIG) and your (WHOPPER) history test. If you need to take a little break, (TAKE FIVE) or ten minutes to stretch, eat a healthy snack, and even (SNICKER) a little because everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine. Now, on your way to the testing center, don't be an (AIRHEAD) and drop your calculator! Those (BUTTERFINGERS) could cost you to (SCORE) a (BIG RED) (ZERO) on the final, which could affect the rest of your life. You don't want to end up unemployed in Greenland raising (TURTLES). Do your very best and bring your parents lots of pride and (ALMOND JOY). Maybe someday you'll end up on (5TH AVENUE) in (NEW YORK) attending the (SYMPHONY) and making ($100 GRAND) every (PAYDAY). Or maybe you'll be a famous astronaut who visits (MARS), soars through the (MILKY WAY) and explores the (ORBIT) of the moon. You never know! So, be sure to get up when your alarm goes off. Don't (ROLO) over and go back to sleep dreaming of giant (KIT KATs) and the adventures of the (THREE MUSKETEERS) while the hours (TIC TAC) away. You'll miss the big test and that would be a major (MILK DUD).

We love you!
--Dad and Mom

p.s. We don't expect you to be an (EXTREME) (NERD), just try (EXTRA) hard to be a (SMARTIE) instead of a (DUMB DUMB). :)


  1. Colleen!! I love this!! :D You are such a fun mom! You need to teach me all your tricks!