Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Now and Then

Did I mention that all four of our kids are attending out-of-state universities? It's amazing the vacant emotions that surface with "empty nesting". I really had no idea! My daycare babies have been a huge blessing. Kids are what I do. I'm pretty darn proud of how mine are turning out.
Now - 2011
(Olathe, KS; the day after David returned from Japan)
Then - 1992
(It's not time to cut the cake yet. Could they possibly get any closer to it? "We're not touchin' it; we're just lookin'.")
Then - 1993
(Jennie, bursting with personality; David, not so much.)
Then - 1994
(Why did we always take pictures in front of Nana & Papa's fireplace?)
Then - 1995
(See? BTW, I love the handholding!)
Then - 1996
(Goofing around on the playground - Atascadero Zoo)
Then - 1996
Feeding the ducks at Waller Park
Then - 1997
(Ready for church - Jennie was always a little mommy.)
Then - 1998
(We support Cub Scouts. Hugs!)
Then - 1999
(First day of school. Sorry about your bangs, Jen. I didn't know any better.)
Then 2000
(Vacationing witout Dad; Avila Beach, CA)
Then - 2001
(Outside our first home in Olathe, KS)
Then 2002
(Alpine Slide; Park City, Utah)
Now again


  1. hahahah I LOVED looking at all of those pictures! I'm glad you're blogging so much! :) I love reading it!

  2. Thanks, Rachel. I'm trying to make up for the last year and a half! I love YOUR blog! :)

  3. That is such a sweet post! You are Blessed♥

  4. Thanks, Janis! I think so too. :)

  5. I love it: "Kids are what I do" - I'd say, if you're gonna be good at something, that's what it should be! And YOU ARE! Love all their matching/coordinating outfits, bows, curls and slicked hair. You good at dressing those kids too!

  6. Thanks, Katherine. I used to love to dress my kids in matching/coordinating outfits; then one morning David disregarded what I laid out, and he put on a different shirt. That was the end of it!