Monday, March 28, 2011

Empty TP Rolls

I always heard if you ever become a Girl Scout Leader or a Cub Scout Den Mother you should save everything (empty TP rolls, egg cartons, milk cartons, you name it) because there will come a time when you need them for a kids' craft. Since Brookie is three now and has such advanced fine motor skills, she loves crafts! I decided it was time to use up some of my collection today. After googling images for "crafts made with TP rolls" I found this darling idea from Parents' Magazine. Perfect for Spring!
Isn't it so cute?!!! I didn't find any directions, but it was simple enough to figure it out.

1. First, I placed a rubber band around the cardboard tube (about 1/8 inch from the center) to act as a guide for my pen.
2. Then I drew a line the circumference of the tube and a second one about 1/4 inch from the first.
3. Next, I cut the tube with scissors from the edge just up to the line all the way around. I made snips about 1/4 inch apart, but depending on how wide you want your flower petals, you could adjust this.
4. Repeat on the other side.
5. Finally spread out the petals.
6. The flower can be left natural or painted any color you desire. (Tip: use a very dry paint and brush. My cardboard got a little too limpy.)
7. Stuff the center with crumpled giftwrap tissue or other colored paper.

8. Stick in a skewer for stem (pipe cleaners could work too; I just happened to have skewers on hand).
9. Add a paper leaf if you want and display in a cute vase or container. Voila!
What child wouldn't be proud to take this home? The true test is...can a three year old do it? With a little help from me, Brookie made three more flowers. Not quite magazine photo quality, but pretty darn good. Her favorite parts were gluing on the leaves, crumbling up the paper for flower centers, and filling the vase with Easter grass. She had trouble cutting all the way to the center line, but did a great job overall! She is so proud of herself and loves her flowers.
Happy Spring Mom and Dad!

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