Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don't you know? I'm a GREAT aunt!

(Charlotte smiling at me)

My beautiful niece, Candice, and her cute family now live in Omaha which is only three hours away. It's wonderful to have extended family within a day's drive.
(Candice and Charlotte at the zoo on a cold day)

Their townhouse is just minutes from Omaha's famous Henry Doorly Zoo.
(The desert dome at Omaha Zoo)

Candice is doing a great job decorating it and making it feel like home. (The townhouse, not the zoo!) Last weekend, my brother and his wife were in Omaha visiting, so we drove up to spend the day with them.
(Kevin and Marian with their darling granddaughter - one of seven grandchildren.)

We had a wonderful visit, and Kevin treated us all to a delicious dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, my favorite!
(Cheesecake Factory, Omaha)

With Kevin's recommendation, I tried their Chris Outrageous Chocolate Cake for the first time.

It was a perfect little day trip and we certainly enjoyed the company and the food, despite the weather. We look forward to seeing Candice, Craig, and Charlotte again soon...over Easter weekend.


  1. It is sooo nice to have family close to us! We are so glad you came up to visit and we are excited to come and see you guys for Easter!

  2. I'm grateful to have such a wonderful Sister as Colleen. Spending time with Dana and Colleen is always a treat for us too!

  3. I have four brothers...Kevin, Craig, Karl, and Bryan...and I have no sisters. Who the heck is Mayard?